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Basting Spoon

The Basting Spoon is one of Rada’s non-scratch utensils that can be used on the delicate surfaces of all your saucepans and skillets. Great for all kinds of prep work, it’s the perfect tool for your kitchen.

• Item W960

Outstanding Performance: Basting Spoon

  • The non-scratch surface of the Basting Spoon allows you to use it on absolutely every pan you own. The bowl of this utensil is perfectly shaped for basting, with a flat nose for scraping up brown bits, and it’s great for food prep and serving as well. It’s sturdy and has a comfortable handle, making life in the kitchen just a little bit easier. Heat and dishwasher safe too!

  • Total Length: 13"

    Construction Material: 430 Series Stainless Steel and BPA-Free Materials

    Country of Production: USA

  • Heat-Safe up to 450˚

    Dishwasher Safe