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Independent Sellers

Rada Cutlery is sold both by non-profit Fundraising Groups and for-profit Independent Sellers.

Independent Sellers are individuals and small businesses who sell Rada Cutlery in a number of different venues including:

  • Owner operated stores to complement their existing products. Since Rada Cutlery does not sell to mass retailers, smaller retailers appreciate offering items unique to them that are not found at the big box stores.
  • Events such as shows, fairs, festivals and flea markets where there are large gatherings of people. These events are often temporary and provide for face to face discussion with customers.
  • Online retailers who offer Rada Cutlery on their own sites or through larger portals. Requires inventory investment, the ability to ship orders and a certain amount of “web savvy” to keep up with the changing dynamics of “e-tailing”.
  • Home Parties where a host invites friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family into the host’s home to learn about and purchase Rada Cutlery.

Home Parties Consultants are Independent Sellers who choose to use a base system and forms to help them create selling opportunities.

Interested in earning extra income selling Rada Cutlery?

Learn more about selling Rada Cutlery Home at radacutlery.com/independent-sales